Innovation & Experimentation

Stone Barns Center is a hub of learning, creativity and experimentation. We view our farm as a laboratory dedicated to improving and spreading resilient and sustainable farming practices.

As part of our educational mission, we experiment with, test and develop new tools, methods, types of crops to be grown and animals to be raised.

Our farmers are dedicated to continual improvement in pursuit of a truly resilient, sustainable farming enterprise. We continue to hone our practices, such as multispecies rotational grazing and heat generation from compost, to have the least environmental impact.

In all of our experimentation, we convene and partner with a wide range of experts:

- Universities, such as Cornell
       Michael Mazourek on seed breeding
       Tatiana Stanton on the health of our flock of sheep

- Seed companies, such as Bejo and Johnny’s Selected Seeds

- Innovators, such as Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills, the catalyst behind our upland rice experiment

- Engineers and farmers, like Barry Griffin and Eliot Coleman, partners in our Slow  Tools Project

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